Bony For Sale

Arthur W. Upfield's Australian Detective

  1. Barrakee Mystery
  2. Sands of Windee
  3. Wings above the Diamantina
  4. Mr Jelly's Business
  5. Winds of Evil
  6. Bone is Pointed
  7. Mystery of Swordfish Reef
  8. Bushranger of the Skies
  9. Death of a Swagman
  10. Devil's Steps
  11. Author Bites the Dust
  12. Widows of Broome
  13. Mountains Have a Secret
  14. New Shoe
  15. Venom House
  16. Murder Must Wait
  17. Death of a Lake
  18. Cake in the Hatbox
  19. Battling Prophet
  20. Man of Two Tribes
  21. Bony Buys a Woman
  22. Bachelors of Broken Hill
  23. Bony and the Black Virgin
  24. Bony and the Mouse
  25. Bony and the Kelly Gang
  26. Bony and the White Savage
  27. Will of the Tribe
  28. Madman's Bend
  29. Lake Frome Monster

Follow My Dust! (biography by Jessica Hawke)

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