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Mr. Jelly's Business


Published in the USA as

Murder Down Under

Bony is the sort of detective who enjoys nothing better on a holiday than a little formal investigation. When he agrees to help a colleague in the matter of the disappearance of george Loftus, a farmer whose car was found abandoned near the world's longest fence, in the wheat country of western Australia, he cannot immediately find evidence of the murder he suspects.
- from the 1998 Scribner paperback.


  Mr Jelly's BusinessFor sale, £35JB-1

Angus And Robertson HB 1964; Very good, price clipped.


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Mr Jelly's BusinessFor sale, £35.00 + ShippingJB-4

Angus And Robertson HB 1964 edition, reprinted 1971; Very good.


Mr Jelly's BusinessFor Sale - £15.00 plus shippingJB-5

Scribner / Simon and Schuster, New York. Paperback 1998, 4th printing. Fine.

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