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Follow My Dust!

A Biography of Arthur Upfield

By Jessica Hawke


With an introduction by Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte 

Follow My Dust For Sale - £100.00 + shipping


"Follow My Dust" is not the usual kind of biography, being largely a collection of anecdotes about Upfield and the early years; some fascinating stuff included. Many 'experts' have argued that the tome is none other than an autobiography that was touted around the publishers in an unfinished state in the 1940s; unsuccessfully. All Jessica Hawke did, according to this theory, is render the text into the third person. Jessica Hawke, of course, was Upfield's close companion for the last 15 years of his life.

It's neither the kind of book that you'd reread a lot, nor one that would ever win a prize - what really hurts is the lack of any real insight into what makes Upfield tick; you get more idea of his beliefs and motivation reading the novels!

However, it is an interesting book. There are other books (probably easier to get) that probably tell you as much - or more.


Published by William Heinemann, 1957
Illustrated with black and white photographs.