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The Bone is Pointed


Jeffery Anderson was a big man with a foul temper - a sadist, and an ugly drunk. When his horse, The Black Emperor, an animal as mean as its owner, came home riderless, no-one cared. And no-one cared when no trace of the man could be found. But five months later, Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte is calling.

 - from the 1981 Akron Paperback


The Bone is PointedFor sale, £35.00 + ShippingBP-1

Angus & Robertson, 1966. Condition: Very good.


The Bone is PointedSorry, none in stock.BP-2


The Bone is PointedSorry, none in stock.BP-3


The Bone is PointedFor Sale - £15.00 plus shippingBP-4

Scribner paperback / Simon and Schuster - Very good, 1998, first printing.



The Bone is PointedSorry, none in stock.BP-6


The Bone is PointedSorry, none in stock.BP-7



The Bone Is PointedFor Sale - £5.00 plus shippingBP-8

Collier Books paperback / Macmillan 1986 6th printing. good.



The Bone Is PointedFor sale, £35.00 + Shipping

Winter Springs, Florida, U.S.A.: Isis Large Print Books, 1993

Hardcover, Very good - near Fine